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"We have someone in the office

who's a good writer."

We hear that all the time and have no reason to doubt the abilities of Don from Inside Sales. But the very fact that you are at this site says you're looking for a bit more than he can offer.

Our passion lies in understanding your product or service, knowing how best to reach your target audience and showing the many ways that can be done using an effective content strategy.

We love what we do and love even more seeing the results we achieve with our clients.​  Sorry, Don.


Job story photo
Job story photo
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Job Stories/
Customer Testimonials

No one can tell your story better, more effectively — and more convincingly —  than your customers. For three decades we've been generating content that touts customer successes — and the way our clients' product or service helped make that possible. Your message from their perspective: a proven winning formula.

On site

Compelling images and video bolster the content we generate for our clients. While having a salesperson capture the action with a smart phone may seem sufficient, a quality story deserves quality images. We offer photo and video services that best fit your needs, meet the demands for print and online reproduction, and become your property.

Making it Work
for You

Creating the content is only the tip of the proverbial iceburg. Ensuring that message is seen by the right audience — one that will garner inquiries, generate buzz, increase visibilty, etc. — is the real key to our success. And making that content work for you, repeatedly, in any number of different print or electronic media outlets maximizes your marketing dollar.

E-newsletter image

It has been said that "the power of the press belongs to those who own one." Amidst the constant barrage of random online messaging, an

e-newsletter makes that ownership possible. From insightful, technology/service-specific articles to more general company news, you cultivate relationships, you engage your audience, you control the message.

White Papers/Tech Briefs

Wanting to show expertise in a particular subject or technology? Nothing sends that message like a white paper. Written properly, a white paper or technical brief can help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision based on your particular solution. 

The proof is in the paper.

Corporate Profiles

A well-crafted corporate profile can be a powerful tool when the target audience is investors, stakeholders, prospective buyers and new clients.


More than just numbers, every company has a culture, a soul, a story to tell. We can tell that story in a way that is interesting and engaging. We'll help get you ready for your closeup.



Year Established


Projects Completed


Miles to the Moon

"Regardless of the changes in technology,

the market for well-crafted messages will always

have an audience."
— Steve Burnett
     The Burnett Group



With roots in B2B marketing communications and public relations, Larry Trojak has more than three decades' experience making his clients' message heard in an increasingly noisy market place. 

Larry Toojak

Larry Trojak, Owner, Trojak Communications.

Adept at both new and traditional technologies, Trojak has represented clients in industries that include: construction, demolition, recycling, geopositioning, water and wastewater treatment, material handling, aggregate processing, mining, and more. The one constant throughout this diverse range of projects has been an ability to generate a clear, concise message, then put that message to work for his clients.



Past and Present

LaBounty Manufacturing

Genesis Attachments

Granutech Saturn Systems

Schwing America

Schwing Bioset


Topcon Positioning Systems

Genie Industries

Erin Recycling

The TORO Company

Bay Shore Systems

Central Wood Products

CEC, Inc.


Miratech, Inc.

PCL Construction


Tigercat Int'l., Inc.

Morbark, Inc.

Kubota Americas

K-Tec Earthmovers, Inc.

Masaba, Inc.

LBX (Link Belt)

SSI Shredding Systems

Scarab Manufacturing

Frank-Lin Excavating

Rotochopper, Inc.




For any inquiries, questions or comments, please call: 612-669-8190 or fill out the form below. 


3921 157th Lane NE

Ham Lake, Minn., 55304

Tel: 612-669-8190

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